Howdy xWebmasters, this is my first blog post in this blog, hope you will like it, and please avoid my English writing styles, since English is not my native language. Anyways, let’s jump to our topic, there are many of people on many forums said, I am doing auto blogging and earn thousand of money very easily, but trust me guys they all are lying, maybe they got commission by referring someone product. But let’s first see,

What are auto blogging or auto tube scripts?

In simple words, auto blogging and tube scripts scrape someone site content to your website.

Look’s interesting when you read it for the first time, but wait, it’s not good at all.

It is all about manipulating people’s brains and take advantages of their laziness. Affiliate marketer always looking for opportunities to sell something new and very quickly, and they got the opportunity in auto blogging because most of people are too lazy to upload content manually, and by taking these advantages they start hiring developer to build that kind of software. And think yourself, if some automated software adds content for you, then why they sell it, because they can use it for personal benefits and they can make good money compare to product price but they don’t do it, because it is a short term strategy to earn $5 to $10 per day. Now look out on other side, where many of people update content manually and earn more than 4 to 5 figures per month, I know it will take more time and your hard work, but it will surely benefit in future, so the decision is yours what to choose.

I am writing this post, because I have already wasted much money on automated scripts/software, so I suggest to stay away from anything which scraped someone content. Here are a few reasons which I am going to tell you, why automation scripts is not good at all.

High bounce rate

Well, if you don’t know about bounce rate then here is a simple definition for you.

The number of visitors will come to your website and leave it without checking other content.

For example, out of 100 visitors only 10 visitors see your other content and other leaves it, which means you have 90% percent bounce rate, which is not good at all. In porn industry actually our bounce rate should be very low. People spend more time on porn sites compare to any other, but if you have scraped someone content, then the user might already see it on another website, so overall that kind of website has very high bounce rate.

It’s not SEO friendly.

Same content on many different websites will cause SEO problems i.e. you will not going to get search engine traffic. I have seen most of webmaster forgot about adult SEO, and that is their no. 1 mistake, do you know guys there are too many people don’t know any website URL, they just search it though search engine. I will also post one article about that. But if you bought automated scripts, then forgot about you will get decent traffic from search results.

Less Numbers of Returns User

Just think yourself as visitors, and visit some links that you got from other porn sites, when you visit it, you might think you have already visited this website. So maybe you will visit that website for the first time, but you will not visit that site again and again. So you will get less number of return visits. And if you put high quality content manually then you will get a high number of return visitors. Do you know guys I am already running a few large blogs, and nowadays I got 23% direct traffic, just because people like my site content and remembered my domain name.

There was already a bunch of scraped site out there.

I have seen most people looking for adult scripts which create porn tube sites easily, but there are already many sites out there, but have seen their growth?, it always decreases.

You have to drive traffic till the end.

This is biggest disadvantages of adult scripts and auto blogging, you have to drive traffic till the end to your site, if you stop promoting your site, then you will get less traffic to your site and overall you will get less payment from advertising networks. But if you have decent content, then you might get decent traffic from search engine, also your followers will click on your link if you share it anytime.

The summary of this post is, if you’re not in a hurry, then build the right website and build your followers/audience for a long term, then you don’t need to do hard work all the time.