Howdy xWebmasters users, there are tons of dating site out there, and 90% dating sites are fake. Yes, most of dating sites are scam and fuckswipe is one of among them. In this post, we are going to review how fuckswipe scam lot’s of peoples and charge their credit card for free lifetime membership plan. And in the last, I will also tell you how to unsubscribe or cancel your fuckswipe membership, and where you can find legit dating sites with real profiles.

Fuckswipe Display local girls in your area - It is real?

They don’t actually check local girls near in your area. Instead, they use your IP address to know your location. For example, If you’re from Clifton, New Jersey then, they will display “Thousands of Horny Women Want to Hookup in Clifton, NJ”. They don’t actually look into the database; they just use your IP location to make that line. And similarly, if any user comes from Texas, then it will display that location instead of Clifton, NJ. It’s a simple tweak, so you fall into their trap and do free signup. Again there is no any free membership; they just want to collect your email address. If you’ve entered your real email address, then be ready to get a bunch of fake emails later.

Fuckswipe Terms and Policy.

They use automated bots called Love Stars Program which creates fake profiles. Checkout below pictures to see their terms.

And that fake profile will a) send you a friend request, b) send you automated message 3) send you automated emails later. And check their policy page, you will see they can use your email ID for advertising purpose as well. So such other sites like fuckswipe can send you emails in future for advertising and marketing purpose.

Fuckswipe Membership Plans.

Once you did free signup, you will see this page.

You may think, let’s add a credit card because they want age verification, no you’re wrong, they don’t want your age verification, they want your card information so that they can charge you $49.95/monthly. Just check out the sidebar, the mark option on VIP membership is by default ticked. So once you add your free card, your card will be charged $49.95 after two days.

There is one button in top right “No thanks, remind me later” If you click on it, you will redirect automatically to your profile. Now in just a few seconds, you will get tons of automated messages. And if you try to reply them, they will ask you again to upgrade membership. Once you click on that, you will see the same page, like above one(Free Lifetime Memberships are $0.00 - No Charge!).

So in our review, fuckswipe is not a legit website, they use false heading and bots to trap innocent peoples.

How to unsubscribe from fuckswipe?

If you already create a free account and you’re getting tons of email from that site, then you can send an email to this address([email protected]) and write a unsubscribe subject mail.

How to cancel your fuckswipe membership?

If your credit cards are charged with the name( then probably it is because of fuckswipe membership. And Sorry, you can’t get your money back, but you can surely contact them to don’t charge your credit card again. Yes, they charge your credit card again on the monthly basis if you don’t cancel your membership. To cancel your membership, you have to write an email to this address([email protected]) or call them on this number.(1-866-415-4303).

So friends, don’t waste your time on this crappy website. There are only a few legit dating sites with real profiles.