Howdy xWebmasters, we all know, before we start creating any website we need two things, first one is adult Hosting, and second is a domain name (like, so in this post we will talk about Domain Registration Companies that allowed to register adult and porn related domain names. There are many domain companies available, but here I will tell you about that, which me and my friends using it.

# Company Description
1 Namecheap Namecheap is a choice of all guys who want to run their business for a long time. Most all of my domain names are there, and I did not face any problem yet.
2 Godaddy Godaddy is also popular domain registration company. Some people hate them, and some have not faced any problem in their life, so feel free to go with them. And if you don't like their service, then you can transfer your domain to another one.
3 Gandi Are you tired to use above domain registration company? If yes, then try out Gandi, I have seen only good reviews about their company.

Please do not forget to read their terms of condition, before registering any domain name. Yes, they allowed to register adult domain name, but not all kinds of domain, like child pornography and rape related.

Which Domain extension should I buy?

Well, if your target is international audience, then I highly suggest to go with TLD (Top Level Domain) Names like .com, .org and .net. But, If your target is your own country/local audience, then I suggest to go with your ccTLD (County code Top Level Domain) like .uk, .au and .ca etc.. Here you should note that, you can use TLD for the local audience, but don’t use ccTLD for an international audience, because it might harmful for your SEO and traffic.

Which Domain Name I should use?

I have seen many of the guys ask suggestion about domain names (Ex - xWebmaster is my domain name and .org is my domain extension) in forums/social media. So if you’re also like that one and did not get any answers, then I suggest to surf some adult website randomly and pick some keywords/names and then use Google search to find out their alternative/synonymous words. You may also get hints from Porn categories and from your local porn websites. Alternatively, you can use domain suggestion tools like Domainsbot.